Saturday, November 18, 2006

Upcoming Movies......
I did see a couple of movie trailers that looked great and worth a date night for me and Zach.
  • "Evan Almighty".... it's Bruce Almighty 2, but with Steve Carroll as Evan who is chosen by god/Morgan Freeman to be Noah and build an ark and collect all the animals. It looked hilarious! ( ok, sidenote, yup this will not be a perfect representation of christianity, but for an adult movie, I'm ok with this one. I personally did not find Bruce A offensive)
  • "The Nativity"....according to the trailer ( I will research a little more) this looked incredibly well done! So real looking, like the movie Passion ,in the sense of real characters that really bring it to life. I'm definitely interested\
  • another Christmas one set to come out 2007. It's Vince Vaughn playing the brother of Santa Claus. Looked like a funny perspective, we'll see.
  • Oh, and lastly Dakota Fanning stars as Fern in real life , as in its not a cartoon, movie of Charlotte's Web. It looked awesome! Julia Roberts plays Charlotte, Wilbur's adorable, and the rat Templeton, was very funny! Looks like a winner!..........(of course from now on before I take any child into a theater I will be doing my research first!)


b/sistersshoes said...

All of those sound great :)

Dakota Fanning AND Julia in one movie? A knockout

love to you,
xoxo darlene

Zog the Warrior said...

I'm somewhat disgusted with the agendas that the media is deceptively pushing through the medium of cartoon in order to brainwash the youngest of our nation.

It makes me grateful for the really good movies that are out there....and yes, I'd like to see the Nativity movie with you.

until we meet again...