Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sebastian sportin' an afro
Our own little "Annie" with a fro

Meet: Marilyn Gordo& Pilgrim Pumpkinhead
and I believe Maddy named hers Bebo & HaHa

Thanksgiving Eve

My week has been quite a downer, its left me tired, stressed and without any inspiration for anything else. I haven't written anything on the blog this week because of this. I find it odd, that this is the week of Thanksgiving, the time of counting our blessings, and what we're thankful for,how much we have......and I'm struggling. So yesterday evening I decided that it was time for a little fun. Instead of just throwing out the pumpkins to get ready for Christmas, I thought it would be more fun to play with them first. I got out paint and brushes, turned on happy music, and gathered the family for a little creativity and laughter! The pictures pretty much tell it all, after a lot of stress, you finally just flip to the other side of zaniness, and it was a blast. We painted our pumpkins, named them, and seemed to find that everyone, and I mean, everyone, looked downright hilarious wearing a crazy wig! When Zach came out to join us and found me putting the wig on everything in sight, he asked "Have you been drinking?" No, I was just getting great comic relief! Today I will be counting my family, my home, my pets, my friends, my freedom to worship, to vote, to be in this country. I wish everyone a day of reflection of the positive in your life!
I'm off to make coffee cake and watch the Macy's Parade!
More pics on Flickr!


Zog the Warrior said...

You have a spirit of joy and childlike laughter that shines through in tough times.

Always foster that; always laugh out loud; your smile is like sunshine...

b/sistersshoes said...

This was hysterical!!!

and you ROCK as a mom :D Our pumpkins were always moldy by Thanksgiving...I guess they could of been funny looking old people :P

love U brown eyes,
xxx darlene