Saturday, November 04, 2006

Quotes from "Little Classics"...
As I read to Madalyne tonight from one of the books in a series of the above name. I found a couple of quotes worthy of sharing!

  • Dear Lord, Please give me what I ask, if you'd be glad about it. But if you think it's not for me, please help me to do without it. Amen
  • Lord, grant me a simple, kind, open, believing, loving, and generous heart, worthy of being Your dwelling place. John Sergieff
  • The lessons of life are found in the love of Jesus.

So here is a mother's attempt to trick her child into eating a healthy breakfast! It's a banana slug! Sounds disgusting, but it totally worked! If I would of asked her if she would like bananas or raisins in her cereal, the answer would have been no. BUT, look what I can do!! Call it clever manipulation, the power of suggestion, whatever....I call it antioxidants, iron,& potassium down the hatch! She giggled with delight, promptly chowed it down, and even asked for seconds! You know those moments of parenthood, where you want to shout, " HA, I win!". Yes, I'm feeling very proud of myself right now........... :)


b/sistersshoes said...

And should be proud! It ended up being a healthy, terrific snack, that she ate with glee :) and that is all that matters love,

Yeah! for being inspird by the One who dwells in you heart!

Adorable slug BTW :)

darlene xoxox

Michelle said...

Thank you Darlene, you're so sweet!