Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My thought for the day....

Maddy and I took off for an adventure yesterday. A road trip to see friends that live 3 hours away. It was the absolute perfect day for travelling! The temperature was cool, the sun was shining, and the leaves on the trees were gorgeous! Maddy and I played games finding red, orange, brown, and golden trees. Some leaves were dancing just above the river, some flying along the road. I even opened the sun roof to allow some fesh air and sunlight to stream through. I brought a lovely collection of music to play for us too. We had children's praise music, Disney songs done by an orchestra, and a compilation of romantic jazz. Even with all this beauty surrounding me, all I could think about was my stress on the road. I was in the rush, rush, rush mode, and angry at traffic, slow moving cars, and the road construction! I had to sit at a complete stop for 15 minutes, then had to follow a line of cars for 7 miles at 35mph. I was fit to be tied, as they say. My tension had created knots in my stomach. I had made a schedule of exactly where I should be at exact times and was infuriated that I was not going to make those goals! Yes, I was very excited to get to my friend, so the anticipation added to the emotions. But really there was no neccessary time line, just my own impatience. I realized this and suddenly said out loud, " breathe, just enjoy the journey!" Why not take these moments that I have in this car and appreciate the beauty arround me? Amazing how we get caught up in our heads, with our own little agendas, and miss the big picture around us! My journey on the road was just breathtaking, and I almost missed it entirely. So my thought for all of us this week...

" Look around, and just enjoy the journey!"

Saturday, October 28, 2006

A REAL date!
Last night was so much fun for this desperate housewife! I actually had a chance to be wined and dined by my hubby! AND the best part is, my mom took Maddy overnight! WOO- HOO! (insert the dance of joy!!) We had a fabulous time sitting by the fireplace inside of El Torrito. It was happy hour so we enjoyed half price margaritas, and appetizers! Which was a ton of food, and our bill was only $18.00 ( with the tip)!! Of course, soon as we got home I had to call my mom and check on Maddy. She was like, "Why are you calling, she's fine, go spend time with your husband!" It really is funny, I complain about how much I need to get away, just need a break etc. Then at about 2 hours in, all I can think about is her! I was fine after I checked in, but amazing how those little things are so connected to us! :)
Zach and I really needed the time too. Lately its been one of those, "oh, you live here too, don't you?" As I was falling asleep last night, I got that happy peaceful feeling come over me, that said, "Hey, I do like this guy, I did marry him for a reason, yea!"

Friday, October 27, 2006

Closet Space
There just hasn't been anything eventful happening the last couple of days, so I felt at a loss for what to write about. Therefore, we're gonna talk about my closet. I know, really exciting! Can someone really have much to say about their closet? Of course I do, so read on!
I feel like I finally conquered the dragon! My closet has driven me nuts since we've moved here. My stacked sweaters and pants, always fell over, my shoes always ended up in a heap, and I had tossed lots of random stuff in there when "cleaning up" for company. With all this mess, I began ignoring the problem, and tried to live around it, all the time it totally stressed me out. It was one of those things I knew I had to attack, I needed a plan, and a whole day to it. Well, that day was yesterday.
Really, I'm only semi-satisfied, and here's why. I'm a very visual person, hence, I am an interior decorator, and an artist. So when it comes to the closet, it's just not pretty, and I want it to be! Is that too much to ask for? Someday, I want all wooden hangers, nicely spaced on the rods. I want matching baskets to line the shelves. I've seen the pictures in the magazines, all the clothes color coordinated, perfectly pressed hanging from wooden hangers. How lovely! A nice area rug, ditch the fluorescent light and put in some nice incadescants that point different directions, a full length mirror, and a place to sit. Hmmm... I could hang some pictures on the wall, and light candles....just kidding. Now, this might sound crazy, but I know that people do this kind of thing, not in my little closet, but the big rich houses with the closets that are the size of our bedrooms. When I owned a gift and antique store I had a lady come in who wanted to buy this darling little antique couch that I had. It matched perfectly to the picture of this gorgeous italian chandelier that she had brought with her. As I inquired more, she informed me that she was redecorating her closet! Now, mind you, the couch alone was $1200.00! Wow! I just had to have details, she explained exactly what she was doing, and I've never looked at my closet the same since. I really do spend time in there. I go in there several times a day, and it is my little space, it would make the perfect retreat spot! Of course the little 3x4 carpet space I have just wouldn't work, but I can dream!
If I had my dream closet, along with the items I already mentioned, I'd add a window, and a chaise lounge. On the lounge would be a creamy white chenille throw, and one of my cats to snuggle with while I laid back and read. So there would need to be a small bookshelf with my books and letter writing materials. The chandelier that I would hang would have a dimmer switch of course, and maybe I just would light that candle. A small white stereo system playing instrumentals and jazz, and maybe a mini fridge with chilled fruit, wine, and dark chocolate. Okay, maybe that's taking it too far, I might as well throw in the beautiful, shirtless man fanning me! (I can see this now on the cover of a housewives romance novel!)

Maybe I need to go remeasure my closet..................

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Since we are approaching the Thanksgiving season, I'm going to devote an entry a week to what I'm thankful for.

This week friends are on my mind! I'm soooooo thankful for true friendship! I had a very long season in life without any real and true friends, now I have a couple that mean so much to me!
I've learned a lot about nurturing these relationships, and knowing what it means to really be in a true friendship. Here are a couple of quotes that speak what's on my mind.

" I keep my friends as misers do their treasure,because,of all the things granted us by wisdom, none is greater or better than friendship." -Pietro Aretino

"I always felt that the great high privilege, relief, and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing." -Katherine Mansfield

"Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love." -Jane Austen

"When a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it." -Edgar Watson Howe

Monday, October 23, 2006

The need for Caffeine!
Just recently I began drinking coffee as a daily routine. It seems so strange, just a few months ago I rarely had a cup, and it had to be froofy, with lots of chocolate and flavoring if I did. Now, just get me something with caffiene! I wasn't even tempted in the past. It wasn't good for you, didn't taste that great, so what's the point. Everywhere I went people had their coffee. People joked about it, " I not awake untill I finish this cup," or, " don't bother me untill I get my coffee", etc. I never got it...........untill this summer.
I blame my husband first. He decided a couple of years ago that he had to have it every morning, and I still wasn't interested. Then the coffee shops, and drive thrus really started. He started working a really tough job, and needed the pick-me-up in the afternoons, or weekends. So while I'd be in the car, it was ok, how 'bout something with chocolate, mmm how 'bout a shake.... Then there were the playdates. My friends all served coffee at playdates, and met at coffee houses to chat. It was all over for me by this point. I realized how much happier and productive I could be, it felt good. This drug called " caffeine" really has a good side, I'm now "getting" why people have caffeine addictions.
I know this is no new revelation for those that started drinking it years ago. I have finally given in to the fact that life is draining, tiring, and demanding, so why not supplement a little:) This afternoon my 3 year old had just driven me into the ground. (you'd think just having one wouldn't be such a problem, but I'm telling ya, this kid NEVER sleeps, ALWAYS talks, and NEVER stops!! I'm too scared to have another because she is just exhausting!) My house was a mess, I needed to do laundry, make dinner, and just organize my own thoughts, but it just wasn't gonna happen with the energy levels I had. And I just couldn't handle Maddy anymore! I called my honey who was on his way home for a late lunch, and I pleaded with him to stop and get me a serious cup of caffeine. I felt defeated that I couldn't do it on my own, but really, you should've seen what I got done those next couple of hours! So now, I get it, I really do.....why the need for caffeine is multi-billion dollar industry!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

feeding carrots

eating pink cake

ponies: Applejacks & Tater tot

My friend Liz eating one of the
carrot treats for the ponies!

Ridin' Pardners!

Sportin' the shades & ridin' in style!

Turning "Fwee" !

Maddy turned 3 on Fri. and we had the
party on Sat. afternoon with 10 of her
friends at a local barn. It was the most
gorgeous day! It was a : pony riding,
trail mix eating, kitty petting, puddle
jumping, caterpillar hunting, picture
coloring, Happy birthday singing, candle
blowing, pink cake eating, flies buzzing, present opening, carrot & apple feeding,
juice drinking, getting dirty, exciting
kind of day!

(My flickr site says I've met my limit of pic sharing,
so I need to upgrade, so there are a few pics there,
and I'll put a few more here on the blog.)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Yum-O Rachael Ray!

I'm totally recommending Rachael Ray's recipes, and her magazine, Everyday, that comes out monthly is great! Lots of yummy recipes, practical, easy to make, and even has a pull out shopping list with a week of recipes in it. I've made 5 of her meals so far, and everyone of them has been a BIG hit. Here's a picture of one of them I made. It was, Beef and Potato Stroganoff, with mashed potatoes. I replaced the beef with diced portabello mushroom burgers, and it was awesome, both of us were wishing there was more! Here's the site:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

" Many things in life will catch your eye, but few will catch your heart.......Pursue those." Anon
You've got to stand for something....

After a phone call with my dad yesterday, I've been thinking over some of my convictions. Somehow the topic came up, that he is now boycotting Wal-Mart. My first thought was, " Oh, here we go, someone else making their 'stand', which will never work, because there are millions not paying attention. And no one on the inside is really gonna care anyway!" I often get those emails saying we should as moral citizens be boycotting this company or that company. Target refused to do say Merry Christmas, Proctor & Gamble supports abortions somehow, GM motors is donating tons of $ to Pornography, the Starbucks logo means something about lesbian witches.

Okay so, of course I do not support those kinds of things personally, but years ago, I just gave up in trying to join a bandwagon of much of anything, because I never ever saw results. I got tired of being put down for my opinions, or no matter how much you protested, wrote letters, etc., things just didn't change. Pretty much everything is corrupt these days it seems. Someone on the "top" of so many companies is lying, cheating, stealing, and supporting nasty things. How do we know who really to boycott? I might boycott Wal-mart for child labor issues, but what's the truth about Old Navy clothes, or Nike's? Where does it stop, where do you start, and what's really the truth? Should I just become Amish and make everything myself, and hide myself from the world? ( somedays, that sounds really good!) I gave my little "spiel" to my dad and he agrees that's a common frustration, but is ignoring it altogether really the right thing to do?

Next, I got the quote. "You've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything!" Fine dad, I get it....but some days it's just overwhelming. (Some of you might me humming the Aaron Tippin song by now.... you've got to be your own man, not a puppet on a string. Never compromise what's right and uphold your family name... ) We all know this quote, it is true, and what are we doing about it? I got to thinking about the lines I've drawn, and what lines I need to go research myself. We as a nation have gotten a whole lot more ignorant these days ( to put it nicely..).
"Ignorance is bliss", ( I agree, I enjoy it!) but is that the quote we are going to teach our children? Is that the right quote to use for my life? I decided I'd start out by listing here a few things that I do take a stand on, then I'm going to do a little internet research on a couple of other things. We do have choices to make, and every little one is important.

  • I have a bumper sticker that says " Equal rights for unborn women" . I totally love it! After seeing my 10 week old baby jumping around in my stomach, the first thing out of my mouth was, " how can anyone kill that?" And I firmly put my foot down.
  • I only buy organic or free range animal products. I can go on and on about this one, (hey dad, wait to you hear my soapbox about this one!) It's extremely disgusting on several levels. I'll spare you this time, but ask me and I'll sure let you know!
  • I do think marriage should be between a man and woman only.
  • I am all for equal rights, but not special rights.
  • I believe in financial frugality. You will never catch me buying some brand name purse for $2500.00, when I could go down to Macy's and get a great one for $25.oo, THEN give the rest to starving, or homeless, or orphans, etc. That is just absolutey ridiculous! The waste in this country infuriates me!
  • I stand firmly for Jesus as the only Way, Truth, & Life.
  • I only eat dark chocolate! ( okay this isn't vastly important, I just prefer it!)

Okay, I've also decided to lighten the blog up a bit, and tomorrow I'll write something fun!

Monday, October 16, 2006

When the old becomes new again!
Today said, "You're all grown up". I have created a new generation by having Maddy. (Not that that's any news, She'll be 3 this Friday.) And now I'm the adult telling the, "when I was a kid" stories.
There are just certain moments as a parent that are milestones. The moment today has provided me with great joy, and many forgotten memories. Today I opened up a special box that has been in storage for many years, with the hopes that someday someone else will like it too. In the box was my cherished "My Little Pony Show Barn." Maddy loves horses, ponies, and anything to do with riding and taking care of horses. Included in that list is My Little Ponies. It just so happened that MLP's were one of my favorites growing up, I even had the really 'cool' barn. It also just so happened that along with all the Barbie's, I kept all the Ponies ( and the clothes, brushes, saddles, etc).
My husband hasn't been all that thrilled carting this extra kind of stuff from house to house through the years. I had my good reasons, my little dreams of passing on from one generation to the next. Passing on plastic toys made in China might sound a little shallow at first glance, its not like grandma's jewelry or an antique worth alot of money, but it's what it represents. How many hours I played, dreamed, and pretended with that little barn, the joy it brought me as a child. You should hear Maddy now. Behind me she has the whole thing set up, brought out all her other horsies to play, and is carrying on full conversations between the new stablemates. Her little face, when I told her what I had for her was expressed with the greatest joy she could muster, is one I won't soon forget. You can see on my Flickr sight a few of the pictures I took as we carefully cleaned up the barn and ponies for their new owner! True joy, I can feel it in my stomach now, and will carry it in my heart forever!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Lip gloss kisses reminding me of her innonence
and her love, and her joy of life in the little things!
CONFESSIONS of a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend........

I figured the best way to start out, is to first confess that I am truly fallible. We do not enjoy facing our failures, or the fact that our expectations were not correct. We often believe we are very different, then suddenly, we say something, or do something, and wonder, " where did that come from"? So here is a list of a few things I wish I could say are just not me, but the reality is, we are just not perfect!
1. I have bribed my child with candy. (did I think 2 yr olds would just listen to reason?)
2. I have uttered aloud a bad word in front of my child, whom then repeated it back to me.
( oh the shame!)
3. I have called my husband unkind names. (did I just admit to this?)
4. In high school I once told my dad that I hated him! (oooh, ouch!)
5. Just last year a friend told me something in confidence, I in turn accidently blabbed it.
(I immediately beat myself up, and sent an I'm sorry card!)
6. When my brother and I were left alone growing up, I chased him once with scissors, while singing the Wizard of Oz wicked witch anthem, which deathly scared him as a child. ( I still here about it!)
7. I have used the TV as a babysitter
8. I have witheld from my husband because of anger. ( I think the Bible directly says not to do that!)
9. I have been in counseling/ "therapy", more times than I can count right now, and have been known to take an antidepressant. ( are you sure, you still want to keep reading?)
10. I drive 60 in a 55, and 40 in a 35.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Me, my Hunny, and our little Bunny

Me & My hunky hunny!
For years I've been told to journal. Write your thoughts, your dreams, your problems, even things that maybe shouldn't even be spoken. Every time it was suggested I cringed. I have my own 'good' reasons not to put all my thoughts on paper.
First, it would be a novel, I would have writer's cramp, and might not even finish. I'm too detail oriented, don't want anything to be missed, then the story might just not be the same. This is just not practical for day to day living. Second, I'm reluctant to see it on paper, like putting it on paper makes things real. There have been a lot of things in my life I don't want to be real, and I don't want to go back and read it about it later. Thus, I have refused to journal, or keep a diary of my life. ( even though they have the cutest journals out there now!)
My conclusion is this, I do feel I'm missing out on a wonderful aspect of writing.... Reflecting.... Moments that make you laugh, or feel deeply may go forgotten all too easily. Whether they are good or bad memories, they're my memories, and my families memories, and that's what makes this so important now. Some days my blog entries may be brief, some days they may be a book, some days they may be funny, some days they may be sad, serious, or controversial. That's ok with me because they are days lived, full of life, life given to us by God. So here it is, the official embarkment of my blog journey. I shall throw caution to the wind and rant, rave, reminisce, rejoice in the things that are "my life".