Sunday, October 22, 2006

Turning "Fwee" !

Maddy turned 3 on Fri. and we had the
party on Sat. afternoon with 10 of her
friends at a local barn. It was the most
gorgeous day! It was a : pony riding,
trail mix eating, kitty petting, puddle
jumping, caterpillar hunting, picture
coloring, Happy birthday singing, candle
blowing, pink cake eating, flies buzzing, present opening, carrot & apple feeding,
juice drinking, getting dirty, exciting
kind of day!

(My flickr site says I've met my limit of pic sharing,
so I need to upgrade, so there are a few pics there,
and I'll put a few more here on the blog.)

1 comment:

LiteraryGirl said...

We'll talk about this on the phone but I upload almost 100 or more pics a month to flickr for free. Are you using the flickr uploadr? That shrinks them down so they don't take up as much room.
Sorry we missed the party. Looks like it went great!