Friday, October 27, 2006

Closet Space
There just hasn't been anything eventful happening the last couple of days, so I felt at a loss for what to write about. Therefore, we're gonna talk about my closet. I know, really exciting! Can someone really have much to say about their closet? Of course I do, so read on!
I feel like I finally conquered the dragon! My closet has driven me nuts since we've moved here. My stacked sweaters and pants, always fell over, my shoes always ended up in a heap, and I had tossed lots of random stuff in there when "cleaning up" for company. With all this mess, I began ignoring the problem, and tried to live around it, all the time it totally stressed me out. It was one of those things I knew I had to attack, I needed a plan, and a whole day to it. Well, that day was yesterday.
Really, I'm only semi-satisfied, and here's why. I'm a very visual person, hence, I am an interior decorator, and an artist. So when it comes to the closet, it's just not pretty, and I want it to be! Is that too much to ask for? Someday, I want all wooden hangers, nicely spaced on the rods. I want matching baskets to line the shelves. I've seen the pictures in the magazines, all the clothes color coordinated, perfectly pressed hanging from wooden hangers. How lovely! A nice area rug, ditch the fluorescent light and put in some nice incadescants that point different directions, a full length mirror, and a place to sit. Hmmm... I could hang some pictures on the wall, and light candles....just kidding. Now, this might sound crazy, but I know that people do this kind of thing, not in my little closet, but the big rich houses with the closets that are the size of our bedrooms. When I owned a gift and antique store I had a lady come in who wanted to buy this darling little antique couch that I had. It matched perfectly to the picture of this gorgeous italian chandelier that she had brought with her. As I inquired more, she informed me that she was redecorating her closet! Now, mind you, the couch alone was $1200.00! Wow! I just had to have details, she explained exactly what she was doing, and I've never looked at my closet the same since. I really do spend time in there. I go in there several times a day, and it is my little space, it would make the perfect retreat spot! Of course the little 3x4 carpet space I have just wouldn't work, but I can dream!
If I had my dream closet, along with the items I already mentioned, I'd add a window, and a chaise lounge. On the lounge would be a creamy white chenille throw, and one of my cats to snuggle with while I laid back and read. So there would need to be a small bookshelf with my books and letter writing materials. The chandelier that I would hang would have a dimmer switch of course, and maybe I just would light that candle. A small white stereo system playing instrumentals and jazz, and maybe a mini fridge with chilled fruit, wine, and dark chocolate. Okay, maybe that's taking it too far, I might as well throw in the beautiful, shirtless man fanning me! (I can see this now on the cover of a housewives romance novel!)

Maybe I need to go remeasure my closet..................


HollieHobbie said...

haha! You are too funny, Michelle! Not to stress you out, but you have another reader, and as you have seen in past blogs, I don't stay silent....
So I love this closet idea! I was just looking at mine and thinking I just simply need to get rid of the junk, but you have put a whole different spin on it!
So elaborate on the gift/antique store thing. I am intrigued as to when, where, how etc that you did this. Very cool!

Zog the Warrior said...

Your closet = my music getaway room. I get it, you need a sanctuary.

Contrast that with the man's dream closet:

Robots that hang my clothes up for me when I'm done with them for the day (I'm not lazy, just efficient:)

p.s. these robots can also figure out what I should wear to work since my eyes are only half open at 6:00am

did I mention that these robots can organize my hats? and when I finally own a Dallas hat, they will always put it in front because they're Cowboys fans too!

Michelle said...

Hi Hollie! I'm thrilled you are a new reader. Can't say my blog will be all that exciting, we'll see. You always crack me up, so comment anytime!

Michelle said...

I just couldn't describe the store here very quickly, I'll get your email from Jodi, and send you something! Love your blog too, I do visit it from time to time, but now that I'm joining this "COOL" world of blogging, I think I'll be a regular!

Jean said...

There has to one one smart aleck in the bunch,so I'll be it. lets talk about my closet! Which is also the linen closet so everyone else is always in it too! I love the idea it would not work here for about another 10 years! Retreat here means getting in the bathroom and getting the door locked before someone else!

Michelle said...

Ha-Ha! I hear ya, really! I have to fight off the dog, cat, and kid, every time I go to pee. They all want drives me nuts! I can't have the door shut, for just 1 min.~