Thursday, October 12, 2006

For years I've been told to journal. Write your thoughts, your dreams, your problems, even things that maybe shouldn't even be spoken. Every time it was suggested I cringed. I have my own 'good' reasons not to put all my thoughts on paper.
First, it would be a novel, I would have writer's cramp, and might not even finish. I'm too detail oriented, don't want anything to be missed, then the story might just not be the same. This is just not practical for day to day living. Second, I'm reluctant to see it on paper, like putting it on paper makes things real. There have been a lot of things in my life I don't want to be real, and I don't want to go back and read it about it later. Thus, I have refused to journal, or keep a diary of my life. ( even though they have the cutest journals out there now!)
My conclusion is this, I do feel I'm missing out on a wonderful aspect of writing.... Reflecting.... Moments that make you laugh, or feel deeply may go forgotten all too easily. Whether they are good or bad memories, they're my memories, and my families memories, and that's what makes this so important now. Some days my blog entries may be brief, some days they may be a book, some days they may be funny, some days they may be sad, serious, or controversial. That's ok with me because they are days lived, full of life, life given to us by God. So here it is, the official embarkment of my blog journey. I shall throw caution to the wind and rant, rave, reminisce, rejoice in the things that are "my life".


LiteraryGirl said...

Yeah! I'm the first commenter. I have a rule that I don't announce any new blogs until you show me you are going to be a regular poster...this is why I still haven't advertised my hubby's blog because he never posts! So, I will give a big shout out to you soon.

Capitalize Eyed.

Love ya!

Zog the Warrior said...

You are brave and I believe, entering into a new dimension of your journey.

I will be there with you always to laugh, cry and listen.

Love Ferocious,

Your Dad ...! said...

Hated your dad huh?

Dad said...

Good luck as you ponder the past and anticipate the future... and relish the present. Be creative, be careful, but be you. You have a lot to share to a reading world, good luck as you explore new literary worlds!