Monday, October 16, 2006

When the old becomes new again!
Today said, "You're all grown up". I have created a new generation by having Maddy. (Not that that's any news, She'll be 3 this Friday.) And now I'm the adult telling the, "when I was a kid" stories.
There are just certain moments as a parent that are milestones. The moment today has provided me with great joy, and many forgotten memories. Today I opened up a special box that has been in storage for many years, with the hopes that someday someone else will like it too. In the box was my cherished "My Little Pony Show Barn." Maddy loves horses, ponies, and anything to do with riding and taking care of horses. Included in that list is My Little Ponies. It just so happened that MLP's were one of my favorites growing up, I even had the really 'cool' barn. It also just so happened that along with all the Barbie's, I kept all the Ponies ( and the clothes, brushes, saddles, etc).
My husband hasn't been all that thrilled carting this extra kind of stuff from house to house through the years. I had my good reasons, my little dreams of passing on from one generation to the next. Passing on plastic toys made in China might sound a little shallow at first glance, its not like grandma's jewelry or an antique worth alot of money, but it's what it represents. How many hours I played, dreamed, and pretended with that little barn, the joy it brought me as a child. You should hear Maddy now. Behind me she has the whole thing set up, brought out all her other horsies to play, and is carrying on full conversations between the new stablemates. Her little face, when I told her what I had for her was expressed with the greatest joy she could muster, is one I won't soon forget. You can see on my Flickr sight a few of the pictures I took as we carefully cleaned up the barn and ponies for their new owner! True joy, I can feel it in my stomach now, and will carry it in my heart forever!


Zog the Warrior said...

Ah memories.....amazing how sights, sounds & smells instantly transport us to a place of fondness.

Wish I still had my stompers, star wars figures and legos to pass on

p.s. lincoln logs and erector sets rock too...not real girly, but the little elf likes cars and the like, so she'd probably like those...

Anonymous said...
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