Wednesday, October 18, 2006

" Many things in life will catch your eye, but few will catch your heart.......Pursue those." Anon


DaD said...

Michelle - somewhere in between two extremes is a balance. That middle part of the road whereby you can live, and sleep at nights. The problem creeps in when we become overly philosophic about cultural standards. What is ok for you may not be ok for me, and vice versa, etc.
But what happens with that type of philosophy is that it is not tied to anything of substance. For example; when you are doing 55 mph on the freeway the question is: 55 mph compared to WHAT? Actually the answer is: 55 compared to 0 mph. Or 110 volts in the wall is 110v compared to what? O volts [or ground].
So you see everything has a relative point to tie the standard to; what is right for you OR wrong for you, needs to be tied to something to give you reference. You are nearly 30 years old... compared to what? Your day of birth...etc. I am sure you are getting the point.

So you are unhappy about Wal-Mart -and about where do you draw a line? Well, for me, my standard for reference has Biblical roots. Have I violated that rule before? Have I violated Biblical standards before??? You know the answer to that one - but my point of reference for my behavior always remains solid...the same...whether I violate it or not. Of course - in society; i.e. today's culture, if you set your standards to what is popular or trendy today, then your standards are tied to what I call 'floating' truth, It isn't a solid reference point. That's like tying your boat to a dock that isn't anchored to terra firma -before long - you are adrift at sea : But hey - you are still tied to the dock!!!

The point in all of this is you hold your ground young lady! You compare your beliefs; your convictions and your ideals of societal pressures - to what you feel is an anchored reference point.... If you don't stand for something - you'll fall for anything. If it is God's Word, then compare all that you hear to that; is Oprah profusing some new idea that in today’s culture sounds good - but it contradicts the Word - then think about it; what have you tied your reference point to? The problem is that our rationality will make it sound like 'hey this is a good' idea; but is it good because society says it is? Have we become societally [new word] conditioned?

Keep thinking things out; keep challenging what you hear - be a Berean and accept the things you hear - then test them against your reference point.

OK enough of that - but now you know why I say some of the things I do and espouse some of the ideas I have. It isn't about my political convictions; or my age, as you and I both know - I have struggled with maturity and acting my age - at any rate; my ideas and strong opinions come from a solid reference point. I trust Maddy will see that in you two and adhere to that same rock of truth for her life!!!

Love ya -

Michelle said...

Thanks dad, well said. Going back to the whole, WWJD.