Friday, October 13, 2006

CONFESSIONS of a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend........

I figured the best way to start out, is to first confess that I am truly fallible. We do not enjoy facing our failures, or the fact that our expectations were not correct. We often believe we are very different, then suddenly, we say something, or do something, and wonder, " where did that come from"? So here is a list of a few things I wish I could say are just not me, but the reality is, we are just not perfect!
1. I have bribed my child with candy. (did I think 2 yr olds would just listen to reason?)
2. I have uttered aloud a bad word in front of my child, whom then repeated it back to me.
( oh the shame!)
3. I have called my husband unkind names. (did I just admit to this?)
4. In high school I once told my dad that I hated him! (oooh, ouch!)
5. Just last year a friend told me something in confidence, I in turn accidently blabbed it.
(I immediately beat myself up, and sent an I'm sorry card!)
6. When my brother and I were left alone growing up, I chased him once with scissors, while singing the Wizard of Oz wicked witch anthem, which deathly scared him as a child. ( I still here about it!)
7. I have used the TV as a babysitter
8. I have witheld from my husband because of anger. ( I think the Bible directly says not to do that!)
9. I have been in counseling/ "therapy", more times than I can count right now, and have been known to take an antidepressant. ( are you sure, you still want to keep reading?)
10. I drive 60 in a 55, and 40 in a 35.

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Zog the Warrior said...

To err is human, to admit it is, well, not divine because God is perfect, but truly courageous and real.....

to be forgiven is....what God and those who truly love you have already done...