Friday, November 10, 2006

Thankfulness part 2

I'm super- duper thankful for my adorable, comicable, precious daughter! She is currently behind me doing all she can thank of to get my attention while using a small tupperware container. She is doing the following: She's made it a hat, using it as a microphone, putting it on my head as a hat, playing peek a boo with it, giggling, yelling, and being as silly as possible to distract me from this computer. She may really make me mad sometimes, and certain moments I wonder how I can continue another moment in my day with her. And then the next moment I'm cracking up, or looking at her with intense admiration for her little mind, or feeling so much love inside me it physically hurts! I could go on and on with all my feelings for her, memories, special times, and how much my life would be empty and meaningless without her. I'll just leave some of her recent quotes that bring a smile to my face every time I think of them.

" I need some mammograms! " ( what? I ask) " I NEED A MAMMOGRAM!" she insists... As I'm totally cracking up, I realize that she wants some of the Teddy Grahams that we got earlier that day. I guess she really does listen to me, because I'm scheduled for my mammogram later this month.

This summer we took in 2 Chinese exchange students for 2 weeks. In preparation, I had spent a lot of time explaining to her that these kids were coming to stay with us, that they were from another country, and that they spoke a different language. As we pulled into the parking lot at our local University to pick up the students, from the backseat she shouts very excitedly, " Is this China?" I'm still chuckling over her precious innocence, and the very small, simplistic world she lives in.

Maddy kept insisting every time we were on the backyard swing that she could see pineapples. I never could under stand what she was talking about, so I eventually began arguing with her. She always was insistent and never backed down. Finally, one day, she pointed to the very large pine tree behind our backyard fence and said, " See mom, look at all the pineapples!" Laughing I realized, there were a lot of PINECONES on the tree, and yeah, she's right they do look a bit like little pineapples.

I love this little girl!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bless. She sounds like the most wonderful daughter anyone can have. You are very fortunate.

b/sistersshoes said...

First let me say that I loved you from the moment I read that you hate lima beans :) me too!

Then, with every comment you have left, I have felt more and more like I know you already.

You're daughter sounds wonderful and I would enjoy some email correspondence if you are comfortable with that. You can email me through my profile.

hope to hear from you and snuggles on this wet, rainy day,
xxx darlene

Zog the Warrior said...

wow! that is some of the best comic relief I've had in quite some time!!!

I love the "mammogram" mis-speak!

DaD said...

Well of course they are Pine Apples... Perfect 3 year old logic: she sees the tree next to the shed - called an APPLE tree,where she has picked apples from right? Then she sees fruit hanging from a PINE tree, indeed those are Pine APPLES... perfectly logical deduction Captain Kirk.

Admittedly though - smart cookie - if I have to say so myself.