Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Snow Angel !
We celebrated the snowy morning with snow angels, snowballs, and making "snow dinner". Click on the picture to see some of our snow fun!


LiteraryGirl said...

Love the picture! What a cutie!

b/sistersshoes said...

I didn't know that the angels made angels themselves??? And wear pink snowsuits at that....who would have known? ;)

full of love for you,
xox darlene

DaD .... said...

There is indeed a synapse that fires in the brain when we see the down of angels wings gently falling, with no sense of urgency, from Gods' house to ours.
Our minds hear the silence and translate that to peace. And, that fired synapse tranmits data to all our senses... as was written in the snow by a great author; peace, joy, hope, etc. are the messages tapped out by that synapse as if in morse code, to our entirety. And a calm peace overcomes us, overwhelming our anxieties as if we had swallowed a bottle of muscle relaxers.
The proof you want?... well read the poem posted by the Blogger!

There's all the evidence you need to substantiate...

Brown eyed girl said...

She is an angel !! I didn't know they wore pink snowsuits either, or snuggle with me at night, or give slobbery kisses!