Monday, November 06, 2006

Making Traditions
Today I went to my "moms group". It's a group of mother's of young children led by women who's children have already grown up. They meet twice a month at our church and their purpose is to encourage and help us young moms. It has been a blessing to me for the last 2 and 1/2 years. Today we got a history lesson from a lady who used to be a second grade teacher. It was the history of Thanksgiving, and how the first pilgrims came to this new land, and what their experience really was. She then gave us ideas on how to teach these things to our children and inspire us to start Thanksgiving traditions. We often overlook this holiday as it is smashed between Halloween and Christmas. Listening to the entire story today really was inspiring! I had forgotten some of the great things that had happened. And I now am throwing around ideas in my head to make this thanksgiving memorable. Zach and I have talked about Christmas traditions for this year already. Maddy is now at a really fun age to start special holiday memories! Here is a great one that someone mentioned for Thanksgiving: buy a light colored tablecloth and with permanent markers have your child write ( or you for them....) on the tablecloth what they are thankful for this year. Have them write on it yearly.
I love it! How sweet, fun and memorable for all of us. I'm definitely doing this one! Anyone else have a special tradition you could share? I'll update here with any other ones we decide to do!


HollieHobbie said...

we did the tablecloth thing for Christmas one year and it turned into a doodle pad while everyone was sitting around and chatting. It is actually quite funny to see it again. But I do love the idea of doing it for Thanksgiving year after year.
I really miss Heart of the Home. Tell everyone Hi and email me details so I can live vicariously through you!

Zog the Warrior said...

love the table cloth tradition.

how about a harvest horse... ;)

b/sistersshoes said...

We did the tablecloth thing, but we had the kids draw their hand print and put what they were thankful for inside the print. It was just as much fun to see the hand prints get bigger, as well as what they said inside.

Traditions are vital and so healthy...what a great mom you are :)

love U
xox darlene

Michelle said...

Thank you Darlene! I love the handprint idea, I will do that too!

Jean said...

We make a large tree on butcher paper and then make leaves out of orange, yellow, brown construction paper and then have everyone write things or people they are thankful for on the leaves then tape them to the trre. Sometimes we leave out the tree and just do the leaves. I also have a little fun and easy Recipe/craft idea.

Buy some of the fudge striped cookies, a can of chocolate frosting, a bag of candy corn left over from the previous holiday, or you can find them at wal mart still. Then you need a bag of large chocolate candy about the size of a truffle. Wal mart has some that are wrapped in gold foil, called peanut truffles or something like that.The whole craft costs maybe five dollars.
Okay assembly, you need two cookies, Lay one flat and spread a little frosting on the bottom of an unwrapped truffle, stick it to the flat cookie, then take your second cookie and with the stripe side showing spread a little frosting on it so you can stick it to the truffle so that the cookie is standing, trying to make a sort of right angle. Then take one candy corn and add a little frosting to it and stick it to the front of the truffle. They usually end up looking like little turkeys. It is fun and the kids have fun doing this each year. I am sure I fairly confused everyone now!

Michelle said...

Thanks Jean, I knew you would have some!