Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Here's the cutie- patootie with her little bandaged hand with a Barbie bandaid on it...isn't she pretty?! Amazing how kids just bounce back from anything, and just wanna play, play, play! I love it. She can really teach me alot!

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Zog the Warrior said...

aha! I'm the first to comment this time! (some people say that guys are too competitive....whatever losers! :) j/k

"bounce-back-ability" is definitely something that Maddy has a lot of. She doesn't linger too long in the past; she finds the fun in everything.

I've so enjoyed playing with her because she makes the simplest things fun...."daddy, a lion is coming, let's hide" was what she said last night...so we hid together by standing between the kitchen counter and the coffee cart--not the most ingenious hiding place, but if we're making up that a lion is chasing us, I'm going to make up that he is a blind lion with a poor sense of smell....