Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Movie Review (warning, this entry classified as a rant!)
My mom and I took Maddy to see the new cartoon movie about penguins called "Happy Feet". More or Less, it was awful! My child is traumatized my the movie, and quite frankly I'm now depressed. So beware to all those with young children, I do not reccomend this film. Now my mom's friend met us there and she also brought her 2 girls. One was 15, enjoyed the movie and said that all her friends are seeing it. The other girl was about 6 and she was scared and hated it too. The previews alone were what nightmares are made out of for little ones, dragons, and some evil and scary new Harry Potter, etc. We had to put Maddy's coat up to block her eyes for those! I should've known then to go ask what was the age level for this movie. My mom and I had seen the commercials wherein there are these adorable fluffy penguins singing and dancing, but that's not the whole truth. I learned my lesson, I will do much more homework before taking my 3 year old into a movie theater!
So what's the big deal you're wondering? Well , not anything for older kids, although its the most political cartoon I've ever seen. They even have the U.N. fighting at the end! My mom and I joked afterwards if Al Gore was the producer! Not that I totally disagree with the politics, I'm a major conservationist and animal nut, it was just way too serious and politcal for a cartoon supposedly for kids. If I wanted to see a documentary on how humans are killing all the animal species on earth I would've chosen another route. After you've personified animals to that degree, then show how we kill them, and cage them, NOT so happy feet at all! It has its usual good morals for older kids to learn, acceptance when someone is different, be responsible for what you do on earth, have courage..... You could also really read into some of the other agendas about religion. I get the thing where years ago there was a generation that thought rock'n roll was the "devil's music", and we've moved on from that. But this took it a little far. Anyone ever see Waterboy, where Bobby Bouchet (played by Adam Sandler)'s mama told him that football was from the devil, ok.... funny. We shouldn't trust our Almighty because the power is all in ourselves, and completely go a different way? I dunno suppose I'm just being sensitive but whatever, supposed to be a cartoon about happy feet for cryin' out loud! It could've been cute, but they made the mean animals soooo scary, and really most of the movie your are so sad for the penguin and its really long and depressing, that they just ruined it. A 2 year old in front of us, cried, and cried during a couple scenes, the family finally left, and the kids next to me kept asking there dad what was going on. My child is a little traumatized for 2 reasons. One, the whole ,animals in captivity was hard for her& to see the penguin so devastated by it. And 2 ,the scary seal lions and orcas.
At lunch today she said several times, " no, I can't the sea lion will get me!" At the mall she hid in all the clothing racks saying dinosaurs and lions were gonna get her. Oh boy, some mom and grammy we turned out to be today.:(
So, yup I'm opinionated about this one maybe because I'm sensitive about my child's reaction. You'll see it, love it, and wonder what my problem is....SORRY,this one hit a nerve.For teenagers, fine: cute music, good animation,& learning about global responsibility.
P.S. after reading reviews I remembered that I forgot to mention the amount of sexuality thrown in, several nasty little things with that too!
P.S.S>this guy reviewed pretty much as I saw it(except for the gay thing,I didn't get that)

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LiteraryGirl said...

I'm not sure the previews are a reflection of the actual age of the movie. I've learned my lesson when I've taken my kids to see G movies and there have been previews for adult movies, and/or scary older kid movies. I've been shocked! I now just plan on going to a movie with my kids about ten minutes late, seems to solve that problem.

I think we'll skip this one!