Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Big Boy

Today Grayson got his first hair cut! ( sniff-sniff, by mommy... he's too big already!! ) I love his long hair. It's always been quite the statement. That's the first thing people comment on. I've been such a proud mother of his crowning glory, since my daughter never had any! Poor Maddy was bald, barely getting whispies when she was 1, and we are still cutting those whispies off trying to get the look of thicker hair! Not my boy, Grayson! The first thing out of the doctor's mouth when delivering him was, "Whoa! look at all that hair!" Maddy and I have had our fun too, placing pink bows and clips onto his luscious locks, when daddy wasn't looking. So getting it cut today was a big step for mommy... I mean Gray. :) So here it is, the before, during, and after of Grayson's big boy hair cut at the salon today!!!

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