Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What are we doing?

I put my cable channel to the 'contemporary christian' music station this morning to be background music as I cleaned. A song with a catchy chorus caught my attention. I backed up and stared at the TV. Wow, it hit me deep. I'm very passionate about giving back, loving others, reaching out a hand. Knowing God has given me greatness if I would only tap into it. We have become so callused listening to the news everyday, and seeing the sad and "misfortunate" around us. My heart became heavy this morning realizing once again, I have been over focused on myself lately, and what I think I'm going through. I've tried to ignore the overwhelming sadness on the news and the world around me. And that is wrong. I'm very happy for the morning wake up call today. I need to see what I can be doing.....because if we all did one thing......Please listen to this song and see if you feel any tugs at your heart. Challenge yourself today, are you doing anything to "give back" ? There is greatness inside each of us to give compassion, love, generosity if only we'd take the time to listen and remember.


I've been the one in the back of that welfare line.

(btw, I'm not saying give money to all on the street corners, I'm saying give back somewhere in the get my point , right? )

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