Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Toolbelt Diva...Demolition Chick....Remodel Gal.....

Whatever you want to call name should follow it today! I surprised a girlfriend this morning, who was visiting for coffee, with, " Are you feeling strong today?". I had gotten a call from the guy doing my bathroom tile. He could fit us in today, instead of Friday and it would work best for him to come over in 1 to 2 hours! After living in the chaos we have been for 5 weeks, I desperately said yes! ( Why the chaos? I haven't written about it yet...but I will! I have some great pics of the "goings on" in our house!) This meant that I needed to tear out the bathroom vanity, sink and counter tile and backsplash, right NOW, by myself! I actually was quite excited. I love a challenge, to see what I really am capable of. But I had the kids, and needed a bit more muscle. So I dragged in my girlfriend as my partner in crime!! I gathered the crowbar, hammer, wrenches, utility knife, screwdriver and pliers, and made my plan. It took a lot of work, and sweat (wait, women don't sweat, they perspire :p ) , one blister, one scratch and one pipe bonk to my mouth and its finished!! We hauled it out and I am feeling quite powerful and accomplished right now! The gentlemen are in there laying the tile now! I did leave several holes in the drywall that my husband will be just thrilled to see, but there just wasn't any way around it. He already has a lot of patching he was going to be doing anyway, so what's a couple more... :) ? As we finished hauling out the last piece, my friend says, "you are amazing you know!". Thanks..... I like that, I'll take the compliment. But I'm just capable in this area. We also concluded that I should start classes or a web site for women on simple home repair. I know there are a few out there. 'Toolbelt Diva' is a current TV show on DIY network. I just love the concept. My husband isn't a "Mr. Fix-it", so I've just learned to do most home repairs and remodel type work...oh yeah, and I'm not too shabby with cars either! I think it would be quite fun to teach some classes to women on how to do basic things like, plumbing, and appliance maintenance. I've been asking my sister in law, who is a seamtress and also works with leather, to make me a hot pink tool belt for the last couple of years. Maybe this year for Christmas I can get one. I dunno, should I have her put my initials on it too, in rhinestones ?! :)

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