Tuesday, May 06, 2008

WARNING: Some serious bragging ahead!!

My husband totally spoiled me for my birthday this year!
He called me Saturday afternoon on his way home from work, and said, " I'm at a store trying to pick out something for you to wear on your birthday tomorrow, and its too hard. Pack up the kids and get ready, I'm taking you shopping!" Welllll, twist my arm! ( Basically what that translates to: he envisioned my crying in my closet while I was trying to find something to wear for my birthday date with him. As he knows I am suffering with the baby weight that is not finding its way off very easily! Like a very wise, old married man, he knew the quickest and smartest way to avoid that scenario!!! And I'm proud of him for it! :p) We had fun picking out clothes together ( well, except for the noisy, needy children that is!) After finding the perfect "weight disguising" sundress, he told me were picking out shoes to match! YEAH, again, twist my arm! Then we accessorized with earrings and necklace!!!! SO romantic ! ( again despite the fact that we have the kids, at a mall, at 7:30 at night!) He put the kids to bed, so I could paint my nails. What a man!!
Sunday morning I awoke to major spoiling, and I'd take it again any day!!! Waiting for me was a raspberry mocha from Starbucks, a peach jamba juice and a "healthy" cookie, 2 mylar baloons, and a gigantic and gorgeous flower bouquet!!! A funny card, a serious card, and a card from the kids!! Whoa, are you getting all this? Like I said, serious bragging here, because this guy is making some major points here! I went off to take a shower and get ready, since he had just informed me that we had reservations for brunch, while my dad watches the kids, YEA!
We then headed out to the countryside on a fabulously sunny day and made our way to King Estate Winery for brunch!!!!!! If you have read my blog post about 'why I should live in Europe', you'd know that this was the perfect way for me to spend my birthday! I felt like we were transported to Europe. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the breeze was blowing, the hillsides were breathtaking! King Estates has the most incredible restaurant, and they treat you well! The food was amazing, and that's an understatement! We had a wonderful and relaxing time together. The only thing that would have completed the day more, is a hammock among the grape fields for a nap in the sun. TOTAL PEACE , and I really needed that. I love my husband, he knows me well, and knows how to treat a lady right, don't you think?! So, yes, I'm totally bragging, but I think he deserves it..... he made some serious points!!

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