Friday, May 23, 2008

You must be married a long time.....

I realize now, that I have settled into marriage. Today is our 10th anniversary, and what was the very best gift? My husband doing all the dishes for me this morning, that I was too tired to do last night. He then brought me a cup of coffee while I was still in bed. Really, that was the best gift I could ask for right now. Raising 2 little ones, a house that has been under a remodel, and dealing with a lot of back pain. Coming out to a clean kitchen is like paradise for me!! Really, I don't have the expectations I used to. I think this is the reality of life, a life chosen for family that is. We're busy raising kids now. Back in the early years I thought and dreamed of what we would do for the "the BIG 10 year". We would go on a 'real' honeymoon- a cruise, or trip to Hawaii, we would redo our vows, we would upgrade my diamond ring, and all would be so settled! HA HA HA!!! The truth- we're struggling to buy diapers, trying to remodel a house we can barely afford that received flood damage, we had a 'fight' this week, I have tons of laundry to do, a baby, and a four year old who is not sleeping at night! And you know what? I'm relatively happy. Sure its not perfect, and we don't have our relationship 'figured out' all the time, and we're surviving on coffee. But its good. This is what we chose when we chose to have a family. This IS a sacrifice of our personal desires, for the trade of the joys and rewards of family life. Quite frankly, we couldn't take a week vacation anywhere away from the 9 month old right now, even if we could afford it. I could care less about diamonds right now, and as for the relationship... its just fine. We are companions on the journey of life.

What romantic and wonderful thing are we doing tonight to celebrate you wonder? Well, we'll be moving everything out of the master bedroom, closet and bath and ripping out all the old carpet and pad and hauling it out. Home Depot will be here at 8am tomorrow for their second time, since they mis-cut the carpet the first time. We'll be sleeping in the living room tonight, which I guess works fine, based on the fact we will be battling our daughter to go to sleep once again. Hmm.. you know, isn't this what having a family and a home is all about?

I'm happy we have made it 10 years, and maybe, just maybe, in 10 more we'll get that vacation..... ( or dare I dream, will it be the 30 year mark instead?)

"The grass may be greener, but it still has to be mowed"

( a favorite quote, that always gives me perspective)

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