Sunday, June 01, 2008

CAT in my sink!

This cracks me up! This is Sadie, one of our 3 cats. She is the one that is the funniest, and the nicest. She has an odd habit of finding anything she could possibly fit into and use as a bed or cozy spot to just hang out. I found her here in the sink that is waiting to be put in our bathroom. It is currently on the living room floor. It really made me laugh! I thought, boy this cat sure is creative...keeps herself entertained. I have seen cats lay in many different spots, but this cat takes the cake on creativity! I take pictures now whenever I find her in a comical position. I could do a whole montage of, 'Sadie in stuff' !

These last 2 are nothing! I've got shots of her in purses, drawers, shelves, cupboards, baskets, bags, boxes, hats, and anything else she can get her body into!

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