Friday, June 06, 2008

The Laundry is finally finished!

YES, I know. I clearly lead an exciting and adventuresome life. Elation and joy has overcome me this evening as I have conquered. I have won the battle. I have accomplished ALL the laundry! Every last sock !( well, except for the socks in the missing sock basket which are waiting for their unfound mate!) I'm sure this will sound ridiculous for those reading this who do not have a family, or are those perfect people who actually do a load everyday and promplty and neatly put it away. Let's just say, laundry is one of my least favorite chores. I'd rather clean the toilets! Dishes fall second on my least favorite list, and often left unfinished. I'm really a great housewife otherwise. I'm a mean decorator, fantastic cook, great gardener, and a good mommy. I can scrub and clean with the best of them, but laundry? Do I have to?

Being what it is, let me explain why my unloved task became nothing but daunting. First, we moved 3 months ago. And when we moved, I actually just moved dirty laundry in the baskets. When we got here, it took several days before the washer and dryer got hooked up. Second, both the washer and the dryer were on the fritz. The washer was leaking, and the dryer was overheating and sucking up clothes and ruining them. Are you starting to see the back up here? Third, we had a toilet overflow in our front bathroom which flooded 3 rooms of the house. Everything else took priority. We finally got the washer fixed and the dryer semi fixed, but the backup now...... just too overwhelming to face. Fourth, (yes there is even a fourth!) I've been having back pain from all the moving, and doing laundry aggravates the pain.

Ok, am I getting ANY sympathy yet?! I felt doomed by a world of dirty clothes, towels and sheets. Literally just doing a load here and there to get by. So yesterday it began. A marathon of whites, darks, colors and hand washables. And I, with great pride, tell you, it is FINISHED! I actually got that butterfly feeling of excitement in my tummy!

I've informed the family that they are to continue to wear exactly what they have on for the next three days minimum. Because, I fear my emotional state would not fare well if I were to see one more thread in those the baskets!

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