Thursday, June 19, 2008

"I'm not moody, disorganized, or self absorbed, I'm artistic!"

My mom and I ran across this quote in a store once, and we cracked up!! I was so very thrilled! I have found a phrase that can describe me! You could add messy, lazy, distracted.....But here's the thing- I like things clean and organized, and I want it that way. But its difficult for me because of my distraction level, because of my need for artistic vision, creative outlets, inspiration to get the mundane done. This came to light again yesterday, as I found myself 'bored'. Now, I could clean out the fridge, scrub the bathrooms, mop the floors, meal plan..... BUT UGH!! I can't seem to get in gear for those sorts of tasks unless I'm inspired. Sooo, that may look messy or lazy, but really my mind just needs stimulation! I decided that I didn't like my computer area, appeared too cluttered. But to fix it, I couldn't just clean it up, I needed a master plan! One of creativity and adventure. Sooooo instead of doing the dishes in the sink, I got to work sanding and painting an old cabinet red that we had out in the garage. Well then, while I'm at it, I don't like the wall behind the computer either, too blah.... So I started a harlequin pattern in chocolate brown and tan on the wall. I'm now excited and have energy! The office area is a mess, there is sanding dust everywhere, and there is a half painted wall: To some, messy and disorganized. To me: FABULOUS, EXCITING, INSPIRING!!!
*(I made myself do the dishes this morning, and clean up the kitchen. So that now my reward is being artistic the rest of the day!!)

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