Monday, June 02, 2008

"You bought a what?! "

I came down with a cold Friday night which led me to ask Zach to take Maddy to a princess themed birthday party for a 5 year old on Saturday. I knew he would be thrilled, of course. But being the good guy he is, he agreed. The plot thickens, as I need to have him shop for a gift for the birthday girl, on the way to the party. I packed up the gift bag and tissue paper, and a handmade card from Maddy. I then give him detailed instructions on exactly what to buy. I pull Maddy's 'Pretty Pretty Princess' game out of the closet, and say, "Here,this is what I think would work, I've already confirmed it with the mother that she doesn't have this yet. This is what the game looks like, and here's where to find it at the store...... If for any reason its not there,please have Maddy help you pick out a princess dress up item."

Upon their arrival home, I was debriefed on the party. It was what I expected to hear, 30 kids, noisy, chaotic, Maddy had a lot of fun. I then asked, " So what did you end up buying for the gift?"

His response," A smelly doll."

"WHAT,what are you talking about?"

"I dunno, some doll in a bottle, that smelled, and had a pig bobble head with it."

" Are you kidding me, I don't even understand, what do you mean, in a bottle, and it smelled?!"

"You know, like a coke bottle, and it smelled good, I guess. Maddy picked it out."

" What happened to ' Pretty Pretty Princess'?"

" I don't know, Maddy found this and wanted to get it for her."

" O.k. let me see if I have this, you bought a doll that smells supposedly good, that is in a bottle, has a pig with it , that has a bobble head, and you put it in the gift bag, and gave it to the little girl ? Maddy picked it out and you didn't question it?"

" No, I dunno what little girls like, I don't know anything about this stuff!"

Yeah, I know this is what I get for sending my husband to buy a gift for a 5 year old girls birthday party. Ah, at least he took Maddy to the party. That was very brave of him, I'll give him that. I immediately called the mother Monday morning to hopefully explain this incredible gift. She described it exactly as Zach did. As I was rambling on in embarrassment about it, she laughs and says, "You know what's funny, that is Emma's favorite gift!"

Moral of my story. I guess kids know exactly what each other likes, even if its a smelly doll in a bottle!

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