Friday, January 19, 2007

So, I'm Pregnant.
It came as a bit of a surprise to us that I was actually preggers! We found out on Christmas morning at about 5 am. I had "known" for over a week, you know that deep down hunch, that something was different, something is going on, and sure feels a lot like being pregnant. I had questioned myself over and over, thinking I was just nuts, reading too much into the littlest symptoms. I knew over the holiday weekend I had plans for champagne and a Christmas cocktail or two, I don't drink often so I felt apprehensive thinking the big "what if". I told Zach my hunch, whom was instantly excited and offers to run down to the store that night to get a pregnancy test! I told him to just calm down, I haven't "skipped a cycle" yet, so this is all based on a hunch. He didn't care one bit, my hunch was enough and he took off to the store. I guess he had no shame whatsoever going into the pregnancy test isle and searching for the right one and purchasing it. He even consulted with an employee to get the right one! :) Whatta man, huh! The one I took that night showed negative, but the package did say that this test won't work if you're testing too early, meaning, if you haven't skipped a cycle yet. I felt a little like," oh that would've been fun,too bad, then ok, few, relief, I don't think I'm really ready".
The next day was Christmas eve, I was tired, nauseas, had a tender top half, and the smell of dinner in the oven, and the heat of the kitchen while cooking almost caused me to pass out. This just wasn't right. Laying in bed that night I tossed and turned, thinking through the scenarios, so at almost 5:00 am I had had it, and got up to take the second test that came in the box. Zach heard me up, and had his own hunch telling him he knew exactly what I was doing in there. This time it showed positive instantly! I almost passed out! I opened the door to Zach standing there, waiting, and I just said "Merry Christmas!?" and handed him the test results. He was soooo excited and high fiving me, I hugged him, then went instantly to tears! "Oh, what did we do, can I do this? I'm scared! how did this happen :), how can I love anything else as much as I love Madalyne!" Whew, a pregnant woman's emotions started right there, and they haven't let up just yet!
We had a lot of fun telling the family on Christmas day, the Grandma's were teary eyed and stoked and the Uncle is planning all sorts of boy toys to purchase, and the Grandpa's were proud, and the Auntie said, she knew it just knew it, it was time. The new sister is beyond excited, she tells everyone she meets, that we're having a boy or girl, whatever she decides for the day, and that we're naming it Kelsey. ( which we are not, but that's the name she's decided on, not sure how we'll explain that one to her when it comes right down to it, maybe get her a special doll to name that when the baby is born?) What is truly amazing is that the beginning of the week I had started to get my "hunches", Maddy one evening starts poking at my belly button. I asked what she was doing, and she very simply stated, " I'm trying to see the baby inside." I shot a, what the heck glance over to Zach who agreed, " what - the ?!" We joked it off then, I was just baffled on how did she know the whole baby in the belly details, or? does she really have some divine connection, or was it a fluke? Amazing story that we will always tell!

Since then I've had 2 raging awful flu's , one with a high fever. Lot's of morning sickness, crankiness, fatigue and quite a lot of other fun symptoms! You're supposed to be full of joy right now, and every day you just get beat down, it's been tough. I know it will end, and Maddy and Zach have been so sweet and understanding and helpful so far.

Here's another part of the story. Me getting pregnant is supposed to be very difficult. I have endometriosis ( basically extra tissue growing inside my body caused by the uterine cells, it is painful, but also carries with it very high statistics of the inability to concieve) . I have had one surgery for it already to clean it up a bit, and my Doctor told me then, that she wasn't sure about my chances of ever getting pregnant. She had found a lot of tissue around my fallopian tubes.
Well, apparently that's not a problem for me! Maddy was a whoopsy surprise, and now number two seems to be as well. We had decided in early December that we were ready to have another child this next year, assumably adoption. We have always wanted to adopt, we thought that would be our next step. But here we are, God decided for us what we were having and when! My due date at this point looks to be September 6th or 7th. Be prepared as a blog reader for lots of belly shots, and baby updating! Only 33weeks to go?!:)


Zog the Warrior said...

I like your style..:)

HollieHobbie said...

Metropol makes a September 7th cake. We discovered it when Emma was due on September 7. I found out at 5am with Molly and Espen. I went in and told Pete, he sleepily hugged me, said Congratulations, then went back to sleep. Way to go, Zack for being excited at 5 in the morning!
check out, just for fun! Then let us know what you find!

DaD said...

It's not often that I get to call you 'Fatso'... so look out - 8 more months of hearing it !!

Love ...DaD... :)