Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Maddy's "wishing star"

Maddy has been very sweet while mommy has been sick 2 weeks in a row! Today she played dress up, it was sooooo cute, she hasn't done that in quite some time. She came out and told me that this was her "wishing star"! I never called it that, I don't know where she came up with it, but it was just darling. She waved her wand and wished me to get all better, I love her so, she's what I've always wished for that's for sure!
( I'm not sure the dog shares that same sentiment, as he wore a lot of necklaces today, and then even sported this princess crown for a bit, clearly you can see that he his thrilled!)


Zog the Warrior said...

Maddy is very cute and sweet in these pics...I am however, concerned about the masculinity of our son, the dog....he looks like a real fair in this shot!

bronxbt said...

ohmygoodness! my lab is a Maddie too! come see us sometime. found you thru darlene's site.

dunno how long you've known her, but i have for months... thanks for sending her your love.