Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oregon trying to prove global warming to be wrong!


The beauty of snow!

Maddy's very first snowman, I mean snowgirl!

Two Pina Colada's anyone?

We've been waiting since yesterday morning for the snow to stick here on the valley floor. It snowed all day, and every child in the county was praying for it to stay. They got their wish this morning as we woke to 3 to 4 inches (depending on where you stuck the measuring stick). We were really excited to run out and play. Actually, Zach just mumbled around the house saying, " You're too excited for this early in the morning; no, don't go wake Maddy yet; and being a grown up stinks, we still have to go to work." (I did manage a snowball or 2 at him as he cleaned off his car!) The dog just paced and whined wanting to go out and eat the snow and play in the snow! He was worse than Maddy! I had my fun, and got my pictures but little Maddy refuses to stop and come in. I actually had to force her to come in. Her little hands and nose were just frozen and she began to cry because her fingers hurt, yet she didn't want to stop to come in and warm up. For those not from around here, know that this is a big deal for us, it doesn't happen every year, so we're really excited when it comes to stay. Every school in the county was closed today. It was adorable to hear the voices and giggles of children playing in the snow echoing around the neighborhood this morning. I now will go back to warming Maddy's hands, making hot chocolate and being snuggly!

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Zog the Snow Warrior said...

Nice Collage of pics! Also, very funny subtitles (I especially like the pina colada one!)

Maddy's snow-boy/girl/thing is cute--wish I was there for that....

someday I'll get to work from home, and then I'll be stoked when it snows cuz I'll get to play with you guys..

ttfn (ta-ta-for-now as tigger would say)