Saturday, December 16, 2006

What my daughter thinks Disneyland is!
Last night we headed up to Zach's parents house for a double family birthday celebration. It was definitely," Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go"! The windstorm the northwest had yesterday had made for some interesting scenery, more trees and branches and on the ground then standing. Zach kept saying, " hey, need another Christmas tree, how bout some more greenery for the mantel". It made for an interesting trek up, not to mention the ice on the roads on the way back! Even more interesting, my in-laws insisted that we all still come over to their house even though they didn't have power. YUP< you read that right, clearly I was thrilled. Let's just say my sister in law and I thru just a few little fits over this. My in laws truly live in the boondocks, and the boondocks dark.....not my idea of a good time. That's a whole other I'll just skip to the good part, and spare you all my thoughts on this subject! Along the way the Pepsi Cola Co. has this annual light show in drive thru form. It's free, so we were thrilled and decided to take Maddy thru for a little fun on our way home. ( Uhh, we quickly figured out why it was free :) he-he, still fabulous for the little ones!) Maddy was sooooo excited by these little set ups, that I made the remark wow, its like having Disneyland right here in Oregon! To that Maddy replied,"no, it IS Disneyland". Me, "maybe it's like it, but this is not quite as big". Her, " this IS this IS Disneyland, lets go AGAIN!" So we drove thru again, and we decided this was the cheapest trip to Disneyland we have ever taken. ( AND our child is totally content with that!)


Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you. Just kind of rambling through the blogs and found yours with pictures etc. I have a blog of photographs too. Nothing professional but it keeps me out of trouble. lol

This kind of space is nice to have and gives an outlet for what wants to come out.

My name etc do not seem to mesh on this so here is my link to my blog.

God bless and have an enjoyable holiday season if it is a holiday season for you. If not enjoy anyway.

b/sistersshoes said...

Hi sweet girl ~~~~ My comments are being SAVED and I am elated!

I have missed being able to comment. I think your daughter is a little genius in the making :D

miss you,