Thursday, December 21, 2006

Meet Mark.....He desperately needs your prayers!
This young man and his family need our love and support right now. This is Darlene's son, I mentioned a couple of days ago that he was in a serious car accident. So serious, that is a miracle that he is alive right now! He is in the ICU still internally bleeding, learning the extent of injuries, and more than miserable. His family is by his side still unable to comprehend the devastation that is happening. He goes in for more surgery soon, and they still can't even get to the broken back! The details are ugly, the pain emotionally, physically, and spiritually is the kind that makes every inch of us cry out to our Maker WHY WHY WHY!!! I have felt so heavy about this tragedy for many reasons. One I do know is to pray, and two,support Darlene in any way I can. This woman is so incredible that it pains me to my utter core that she is going through this. (and her family!) She encourages me, loves on me, and accepts me, she has become a mentor to me and I appreciate her. I also believe she needs our support because she lives a daily battle with Lupus. Please pray for some miracles here- this family could use some, and God knows, deserves them!
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