Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wearing lipstick and mascara tells you the world's a better place today...

Somehow, after a week of being up to your elbows in poop, IV fluids, instant hand antiseptic, and your baby's tears. Having the moment to put on some makeup, truly makes the world better! Not all the cover up in my makeup bag can cover the dark circles under my eyes, and the powder can't cover the furrow between my brows caused by worry. But boy does that lipstick and mascara help me look and feel a bit more normal.

I can count on one hand how many hours of sleep I've had, and on two hands (and maybe a few toes) how many cups of coffee I've had this week. It's been a long haul for sure, and I've learned a lot this week, of course I'll share bits and pieces here on the blog. But for now, I'm sitting in Grayson's hospital room with a borrowed laptop from a kind nurse. I'm confidently wearing my makeup, as a sign of a new and happier day today. A Gray IS better day. A NO MORE TEARS day. An, I CAN do this one more day, day!

Grayson is doing awesome, we are looking at going home tonite or in the morning !! YEA!! His adorable personality is fully come back, he is jibbering away as I type....I think he's talking to his toes! They just stopped the IV fluids to see how he does, and with careful measuring of his input verses output, when it holds steady, is when we go home. We will still have up to a month of diarrhea, and some with blood still, but that's normal. So we do have a longer road to go, it will take awhile to get his nutrition back up to normal, and a lot of doctors visits these next couple of weeks. But boy to see him now compared these last few very tense days, is night and day difference!! We are over the worst of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( And if you are girl reading this... Hey go put some lipstick or pearly gloss on--- I swear it makes a difference in how you feel !! :)


Ang said...

I'm so glad things are better!

mmclinger said...

Oh dear!! What do you need and how can I help? Your sweet lil boy is so beautiful and thank god he is doing better! Please let me help in any way you need (I will scrub your toilets!)