Sunday, September 07, 2008

I threw a party this weekend!

My party started early Saturday morning, and I really had done a great job! I hung the balloons of expectations not met, I put up streamers of self doubt, sprinkled the confetti of "woe is me", and baked a huge cake of exhaustion. Then sat on my kitchen floor to the tune of, "It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to" !
My PITY party only lasted for about 2 hours, but boy was it a rave!! My husband was thrilled to be invited, and my children just stayed out of my way. It's a party I don't particularly enjoy throwing, but my preplanning was stellar enough to be hired as an event coordinator for any venue.
I started by never giving myself a break or downtime. I went on to say "yes" to everyone and everything around me. I added in several days of physical labor. Dealt with 2 sick children. Worked for 3 different jobs in one week,which led to errands ,with said sick children ,all over town. Then my husband decided to pitch in with the party planning by taking 2 long business trips back to back, then going to college. The set up was perfect!
The moping started Friday early evening, the anger started late Friday night, and we were in full swing with all the emotions for the party by Saturday morning! The timeline worked well, so that in the second hour of this party I could fully sit on the middle of the floor and cry huge tears, and provide perfect entertainment for the others invited.
And of course the truly great parties usually leave you hungover... and sure enough... my headache lasted the rest of the day!


Kintigh Family said...

Hi friend,

I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful friend. I'm not
just saying this to be sappy...I really wanted you to know that you've
been a huge encouragement to me with life and just doing this thing
called marriage and mothering. Thanks. I'm glad we have a lot of fun
together, can love each other's kids, they can love each other, and we can
talk spiritual things too and pray for each other.

Eugene has been a difficult place for me to adjust to and learn to
like, but your friendship is one of the main things that has helped me feel
like I belong here. Thanks for letting me be a part of your family
and share your sweet kiddos; I enjoy having them at my house.

You are a beautiful woman of God and I don't want Satan or anyone else
to doubt your mind otherwise. I know you've been through a lot and I
know you'll stand up under it and be stronger because of it. And, one
of these days, with a little patience, we'll meet our Glorious God in
the clouds and began to understand why. But in the meantime, be honest
about how I can help and be a good friend back to you.

Love Anna

richard said...

Keep your chin up, we are all entitled to party there once in a while, it is just how long we decide to stay that defines us!

Besides, you could be stuck in Kuwait like me.

Oh, you should have put my "Stay Back" towell up at the kitchen door to warn others!

I hope all is well now! I will keep you in my prayers!

mmclinger said...

After the toy party we should have headed straight for the Bar!! If your going to be hung over might as well do it right and take your friends with you!

I really am writing you with a question... does Maddy's school collect box tops? The pink type from betty crocker? If so I will save mine for you!

As long as you can laugh about your party later you are doing fine!