Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'll give you one guess to what I've been doing!

Yes.... ...This is how OCD starts.....

I will be joining the ranks of Howie Mandell, Monk, and Michael Jackson, by being a germaphobe! Yup, late at night after getting home from the hospital, I ran down to the store and bought every germ defense I could think of. With my last rush of adrenaline I bleached, disinfected, and sanitized EVERY surface I possibly could in my home. I decided that it IS crazy, but right now, I'm allowed!!!

(Now I've collapsed in exhaustion, but I can guarantee I have the cleanest home on the block! And somehow, that small amount of control over life, makes me feel a whole lot better!)


mmclinger said...

I wish i could come help!!! I just love the smell of a clean house with perfect vaccuum carpet lines!

HollieHobbie said...

I am so sorry that you went through and are still going through all of this. I just learned of it from Jodi's blog. I am glad the little guy is home and your family will be in my prayers.