Saturday, November 22, 2008


( I've saved up some of my favorite from the last 2 months)

1) Maddy:" Mommy, your underwear are boring..."
Me: " Oh really, I didn't know they were boring"
Maddy: " Yeah they are... you need to get some with horsies on them!!"

2) Maddy brought home a pretty finger painting from school-swirls of golds, yellows and other light colors. I asked her, " what is this a picture of?" Very matter of factual she says... " inside of a burrito." In a totally 'DUH' like tone.

3) Maddy's best friend, Isla and family, were in Scotland for awhile and Maddy wrote a letter to send to her. I explained that we needed to go to the Post Office to make sure we put the right postage on, in order for the letter to go so far away.
Later that day upon pulling into the Post Office, Maddy says,
" So, this is Scotland ?? !! "

(mind you, I had spent much time showing her globes and pics of where Isla was...hmm, but that just doesn't compute in a 5 year olds mind...)
4) Riding home from school in the car:
Maddy: " We got to have tambourines for snack today!"
Me: ( after thinking hard for a moment), "Do you maybe mean tangerine?"
Maddy: " I dunno, but they were really good!"

5) In her class, as a teacher aid, I was sitting at the teacher's desk doing some work while having the wonderful opportunity of listening to the teacher and the class. This is what I heard:

(while reviewing after a story)
Mrs. Burnham: " So class, who can tell me what the Indian's made their teepee's out of?"
Maddy: "MEAT!!"

... and a few mins later:

Mrs. Burnham: " The Indian's used every part of the buffalo... what did they do with the fat ? "
Another child: "Cooking."
Maddy: "Macaroni and Cheese!!!!"

(and she was dead serious!!! I was dying... trying not to distract the class w my laughter!!)


Zach said...

i don't think your underwear are boring!

richard said...

LMAO @ Zach!!!

I can't wait to get home, I am sure that K, will provide a ton of blog fodder for me with her matter-o-factly statements that only a 13 year old can come up with.

richard said...
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