Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alright, so I know I'm totally boring lately here on my blog!

I really am searching for what to write about. I don't always want to write about my kids, but that seems to be what I'm doing most. I want to be writing about all aspects of my life, but I'm not quite sure what parts just yet. I do not want a blog to just be about my rants of the stinky things going on in my life, but I don't want it perfectly jolly all the time either. I find myself scared of writing on too many opinions on politics or religion, in fear of those who disagree leaving me hurtful comments! I want to express myself in all angles, creatively. I'm just not quite sure what exactly that looks like just yet. I might join in some of the blogger clubs that give you exactly what to write on certain days, i.e. : self-portrait day, poem day, etc. This is supposed to be MY space on the web to do whatever I want , say whatever I want, and here I am, stumped! Stumped by some fear, by mental blocks, and by time constraints ! I'm hoping to very, very soon jump free and start writing with sheer wild abandon !


Rachel said...

I think that if you just start jotting things down, and sometimes I just try to think of an old story from my childhood or something. Worless Wednesday would be right up your alley, by the way.

Rachel said... know I meant to write "worDless" Wednesday, right?

richard said...

Who cares what others think, if they can't take you opinion on something they should skip it! I like blogs that both make me think and make me laugh, and if I don't have somehting nice to say, I tend not to say it on someone's blog comment!

My blog is at if you need something to put you to sleep at night. It is just about bing over here in Kuwait! I will actually have to find something to write about when I get home though!