Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So I drove home with a snake in my trunk.......

YUP. You read that right... there was a snake, in a bucket, in my trunk today! I have succumbed to my daughters pleading, and became one of "those" parents. I do say no to my child quite often, somedays too many times! She doesn't get everything she wants, and I consider her quite mannerly. But today, what can I say? I was weak..... so here I am, with a snake, in a bucket, on my porch.
So the story? Paca (my dad), found a garter snake in his garden and made the MISTAKE of telling my (animal loving, wish everything was a pet including the fly named Rose,and the dead butterfly we found at McDonalds now named Lily and living in a jar on the window sill) daughther. She talked about it for days. We finally saw the snake on Monday, but then it hid. And now, today we saw it, I put on gardening gloves and caught it for her to touch. Now mind you, I TOO am an animal lover, and I do like the snakes at the local petting zoo just to touch. But I don't ever want to find one in my garden, or anywhere else!!! But realize Maddy's joy over this. Her excitement, and fascination gave me strength to pick it up so she could have the short opportunity to learn about the snake. We even "wikipedia'd" garter snakes and read about them. But for the last several days Maddy has planned to have a "snake" birthday party and a snake pet, and has beggggggged to go to Paca's to find this snake. Paca handed me a bucket to set the, very decent sized, snake in for Maddy to observe. She finally got to hold it, much braver than I, uhhh or Paca, who let me do all the dirty work!! Then it was all over!! It was nonstop. It was full of animated little eyes lit with joy. It was passionate begging to say the least. It was mommy saying, "call daddy". It was a no, it was maybe, it was an ick!! It was well maybe it wouldn't be so bad........ IT'S NOW SITTING ON MY PORCH WAITING FOR DADDY TO COME HOME AND FIGURE IT OUT.


Rachel said...

Sounds like fun times at your house!

richard said...

Snakes according to Rich:

"The only good snake is a pair of cowboy boots"

I will leave them alone in a garden because they eat bugs and rodents, but other than that they have to go!